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Weekly Calendar


May 31, 2017, –June 02, 2017


Seminars and Colloquia:


NAOC Colloquium

Wednesday, 14:30pm, May 31, 2017. A601, NAOC

Speaker: Prof. Michel Blanc (The International Space Science Institute)

Title: Planetary Exploration, Horizon 2061: a Community Foresight Exercise


THCA Seminar

Thursday, 10:00am, June 01, 2017. 理科楼C302报告厅

Speaker: Dr. Wenlan Chen (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Title: Engineering entanglement, strong interactions, and correlations in many-body systems


IHEP Seminar

Thursday, 3:00pm, June 01, 2017. Theoretical Physics Division, 319

Speaker: Dr. Fen Zuo (YMSC, Tsinghua U.)

Title: Stringy quantum geometry


KIAA/DoA-PKU Colloquium

Thursday, 16:00pm, June 01, 2017. KIAA, KIAA-PKU Auditorium

Speaker: Prof. Zach Etienne (West Virginia University)

Title: Electromagnetic Counterparts to Gravitational Wave Detections: Bridging the Gap between Theory and Observation


THCA Physics Department Colloquium

Thursday, 16:00pm, June 01, 2017. 清华大学郑裕彤讲堂

Speaker: Dr. Xu KONG (University of Science and Technology of China)

Title: Star formation quenching and mass assembly of galaxies


IHEP Seminar

Friday, 10:00am, June 02, 2017. Theoretical Physics Division, 319

Speaker: Dr. Matteo Baggioli (University of Crete)

Title: Holography, momentum dissipation and chaos


THCA Seminar

Friday, 2:30pm, June 02, 2017. 理科楼 B406

Speaker: Dr. Yurong Yang (University of Arkansans, Fayetteville, AR)

Title: Cross-coupling and tuning of properties in multiferroics



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