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Weekly Calendar


Mar. 19, 2018, – Mar. 23, 2018


Seminars and Colloquia:


THCA Seminar

Tuesday, 10:30am, Mar. 20, 2018. 蒙民伟科技南楼S727

Speaker: Prof. Yi Mao (Tsinghua Univ.)

Title: The recent, possibly first, discovery of cosmic dawn and its cosmological implication


NAOC Colloquium

Wednesday, 14:30pm, Mar. 21, 2018. Multi-Function Hall/多功能厅, NAOC

Speaker: Dr. Andrzej Zdziarski (N. Copernicus Astronomical Center)​

Title: Jets in black-hole binaries


THCA Seminar

Thursday, 14:00pm, Mar. 22, 2018. 蒙民伟科技南楼S727

Speaker: Dr. Wenfei Yu (SHAO)

Title: X-ray spectral state transitions in X-ray binaries:accretion physics towards the extremes


KIAA/DoA-PKU Colloquia

Thursday, 16:00pm, Mar. 22, 2018. KIAA-PKU Auditorium

Speaker: Prof. Zhanwen Han

Title: Binary evolution and its applications


THCA Student Seminar

Friday, 3:00pm, Mar. 23, 2018. 蒙民伟科技南楼 S727

Title:  Wei Shen: Arecibo/FAST ; Sheng Bi: DAMPE



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If you have any visitors, talks/colloquia, group meetings you want to announce, please let me know by Saturday 5pm.