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Colloquium by Zheng Zheng (University of Utah)

Galaxy Kinematics and Cosmology from Accurately Modeling the Redshift-Space Galaxy Clustering


With the increasing precision of galaxy clustering measurements from ongoing and forthcoming large galaxy surveys, accurate models are required to interpret the redshift-space data, to extract information on galaxy-halo connection and cosmology, and to produce reliable mock catalogs. I will first present a method based on halos (or subhalos) identified in high-resolution N-body simulations to accurately and efficiently model redshift-space galaxy clustering. I will then talk about the applications of such a method to model the small-to-intermediate scale redshift-space clustering of SDSS and BOSS galaxies and discuss the inferred galaxy-halo relation and galaxy velocity bias. Finally, I will comment on tightening cosmological constraints from small-to-intermediate scale redshift-space clustering.

Time: July 12, 2017, 14:30 pm

Venue: A601, NAOC