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Colloquium by Wenjuan Fang (USTC)

Modified Gravity as an Explanation for  Cosmic Acceleration and Its Cosmological Probes


The accelerating expansion of the Universe imposes one of the most challenging questions for modern physics. Except for missing a dark energy component, modifying gravity on large scales is another popular perspective to tackle the puzzle of cosmic acceleration. After all, our standard theory of gravity, i.e., general relativity, is only stringently tested on astrophysical systems. It is possible that the accelerating expansion is a signature for modified behavior of gravity on large scales which are so large that we were unable to observe before. Probes of cosmic acceleration thus provide a chance to test theories of gravity as well. I will talk about specific examples of such modified gravity models, and their cosmological probes, including a new probing method we recently proposed that uses the morphological properties of the Universe’s large-scale structure.

Time: June 21, 2017, 14:30 pm

Venue: A601, NAOC