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Colloquium by Warren A. Keller

The Art of Astrophotography


Mr. Warren A. Keller is a well known American astro-imager and teacher, whose photographs have appeared on NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD) website.  He will explain why astro-images are an important art form, rather than a scientifically accurate record of heavenly objects.  Attendees will also hear the secrets to creating an award-winning astro-image, beginning with composition and acquisition, and proceeding through both pre and post-processing.  He will also share with the audience, his passion for teaching astro-image processing in the digital age.

沃倫·基勒先生 (Mr. Warren A. Keller) 是一位知名的美藉天文攝影家及老師,他拍攝的照片曾多次在著名的美國國家航天局的每日一天文圖片(APOD)出現。他將解釋為何天文圖像是一種重要的藝術類別,而非視作天體科學的準確記錄。與會者還將聽到如何打造屢獲殊榮的天文圖像之秘缺,由如何取影和攝錄,並怎様進行前期之凖備功夫和後期之圖像處理工程。他也會與觀眾分享他對在數碼時代,透過互聯網推動天文圖像處理的教學熱情之何去何從。

Speaker: Warren A. Keller

Mr. Keller's artwork can be viewed at  He is also the author of the widely recognized (Image Processing for Astrophotography) website. There, astro-image processing tutorials stream over the Internet.  His latest book Inside PixInsight is being published by Springer in August 2016.
基勒先生的藝術作品可以在 看到。他也是在天文界廣泛認識之天文圖像處理的教學網站 Processing for Astrophotography) 的作者。從此網站,學員可以下載觀看天文圖像處理的課堂。他的最新著作 Inside PixInsight 會在8月份出版, 出版商為 Springer。

The lecture will be conducted in English with real-time Cantonese translation.  Seats will be available on a first come first served basis


This lecture is proudly organized by the National Astronomical Observatories , Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese National Astronomy, with sponsorship from TSL Foundation.

Time: October 19, 2016, 10:00 am

Venue: A601, NAOC