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Colloquium by Tzihong Chiueh (National Taiwan University, Taiwan)

Extremely Light Dark Matter psiDM


It has long been known that local dwarf galaxies exhibit dark matter cores of 1 kpc size, in variance of the CDM prediction, and it calls for alternative dark matter models. While WDM suffers from various problems, we show that a bosonic dark matter of particle mass 10^-22 eV (psiDM) can avoid the problems facing WDM.  Halos of psiDM contain stable soliton cores, which has a size and a mass scaled as the inverse 1/3 power and 1/3 power of halo mass. For a halo of 10^12 solar mass, the soliton size and mass are 150pc and 10^9 solar mass respectively.  This new feature has a potential to help super-massive black hole formation. psiDM also has other predicted features that are testable by observations, and will be presented in this talk.

Time: Sep. 2,  2015, 2:30 pm

Venue: A601, NAOC