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Colloquium by Richard McCray (University of California)

Supernova 1987A


Supernova 1987A in the Large Magellanic Cloud is the brightest supernova to be  observed since SN1604 (Kepler).  Observations taken with almost every type of  telescope, on the ground and in space, have yielded a rich story of the evolution of the  explosion debris and its interaction with its circumstellar environment.  It is a unique  laboratory of almost all kinds of physics, at temperatures ranging from 10^9  K to 20 K and  densities ranging from 10^15  to 10^23  g cm^-3 .  After a brief review of the physics of  SN1987A, I’ll describe what we are learning from our recent observations with the  Hubble Space Telescope and the newly commissioned Atacama Large Millimeter Array  (ALMA).  I’ll conclude with a summary of the outstanding mysteries of SN1987A and  the prospects for unraveling them.

Time: Apr. 20, 2016, 2:30 pm

Venue: Multi-Function Hall/多功能厅, NAOC