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Colloquium by Paolo Tozzi (INAF)

X-ray properties of medium and high-z clusters


Distant clusters of galaxies are today a well known case for X-ray astronomy. Several clusters have been identified in the last few years up to z~2, thanks to serendipitous X-ray deep observations, IR or SZ surveys, or a combination of these techniques. These findings potentially may have a very strong impact on many fields like cosmology, large scale structure of the Universe, evolution of the cluster galaxy population, and interactions between the IntraCluster Medium and the member AGNs. However, these studies are limited due to the very time-consuming follow-up needed to investigate high-z clusters. Here we report deep X-ray follow-up of some medium and high z clusters (in particular the Phoenix at z~0.6, WARP1415 at z~1, CXO1415 at z~1.5 and XDCP0044 at z=1.58) obtained with the Chandra and XMM satellites, to reach new insights on specific issues like the evolution of the cool core phenomenon, the chemical evolution of the ICM, and the growth of large scale structure of the Universe. These studies are also discussed in the perspective of a systematic, complete investigation of the high-z cluster population.

Time: Dec. 30,  2015, 2:30 pm

Venue: A601, NAOC