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Colloquium by Michael Bessell (Australian National University)

SkyMapper Southern Sky Survey and Searching for Extremely Metal-poor Stars


The SkyMapper photometric survey of the southern sky has the discovery of extremely metal-poor (EMP) stars as one of its main science aims. This is accomplished by the inclusion of a narrow-band ‘v’ filter centered on the Ca II H+K lines to generate a photometric index that is sensitive to metallicity. The NAOC Sage program will carry out a similar northern hemisphere survey. The SkyMapper short exposure survey has now been completed and the First data release DR1 will be early May 2017. There was an Early Data Release in mid-2016 and I have been obtaining R=3000 follow-up spectra of EMP candidates since then. In this talk I will discuss the candidate selection and follow-up spectroscopy plus the results of high resolution observations of the most metal-poor candidates.

Time: Apr. 25, 2017, 14:30 pm

Venue: Multi-Function Hall/多功能厅