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Colloquium by Don York (University of Chicago)

A discussion of dust in astrophysics: what is it and where does it come from


A summary of the standard arguments used to derive the nature of dust in interstellar space will be given. Then, developments over the last decade that have thrown doubt on this model will be discussed, including some aspects that seem to vary from galaxy to galaxy at all redshifts. The growing realization that diffuse interstellar bands (diffuse interstellar bands) are evidently not the products of bottoms up chemistry; continuing failure to explain a number of observational aspects of dust (DIBs, ERE, blue luminescence, unidentified infrared bands and anomalous microwave emission) suggest that we have much to learn about a key constituent in the forming of stars.

Time: Dec.09,  2015, 2:30 pm

Venue: A601, NAOC