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Colloquium by Bin Hu (BNU)

Testing General Relativity with CMB and LSS data


Effective field theory for cosmic acceleration provides a unified parametrization of the perturbation dynamics of the most of the viable single field dark energy and modified gravity models.  This algorithms is inspired by the widely used effective field theory approach in particle physics, condensed matter physics, and is based on the unbroken symmetry (spatial diffeomorphism) of the metric theory of gravity.  In this talk, I will briefly introduce the construction of the action and discuss the implementation of this approach into the linear Einstein-Boltzmann solver of the gravity-photon/baryon/cold dark matter/neutrino plasma system (EFTCAMB/EFTCosmoMC package).  Its effect on several cosmological observables, such as CMB anisotropy, weak lensing, galaxy clustering, will also be discussed. At the last I will briefly report the resulting parameter estimation from Planck satellite.

Time: November 23, 2016, 14:30 pm

Venue: A601, NAOC