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Colloquium 2012

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Please suggest colloquium speakers and encourage your visitors to give talks in this series. Potential speakers: dark energy, GRB, near-field cosmology, high-redshift universe.

Primary contacts: Weimin Yuan (, Jan-Mar), Mei Zhang (, Apr-Jun), Licai Deng (, Jul -Sep), Xuelei Chen (, Oct -Dec)


NAOC Observatory Colloquium







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 01 3pm, Jan. 11 A135 Chris Done (Durham) Using stellar mass black holes to understand AGN Poster Download
 02 10am, Jan. 11 A601 Gennady P. Chernov (IZMIRAN) Some aspects of Zebra-pattern theory Poster Download
 03 3pm, Feb. 8 A601 Kambiz Fathi (Stockholm University) 3D spectroscopy to dissect galaxies down to their central supermassive Black Holes Poster Download
 04 3pm, Feb. 9 A601 Junwei Zhao (Stanford University) Connecting Helioseismology with Space Weather Forecast Poster Download
 05 3pm, Feb. 15  A601  Marcel Zemp (KIAA) The Impact of Baryon Physics on the Structure of high-redshift Galaxies Poster Download
 06 3pm, Feb. 22  A601  JinMin Yang (ITP,CAS) Higgs, Supersymmetry and Dark Matter Poster Download
 07 3pm, Feb. 29  A601  Richard Shaw (CITA) Optimal Analysis of 21cm Intensity Mapping Experiments Poster Download
 08 3pm, Mar. 7 A601  Taotao Fang (Univ. Xiamen) Cosmic Gas as a Probe of Structure Formation and Evolution Poster Download
 09 1:30pm, Mar. 14 A601   Zhengming Sheng/ 盛政明 (SJTU) Studies on the transport of relativistic electron beams in dense plasma Poster Download
 10 3pm, Mar. 14 A601   Greg Herczeg (KIAA) Herschel's view of low-mass star formation Poster Download
 11 3pm, Mar. 21 A601  Raul Jimenez (Univ. Barcelona ) Mega-spectroscopic galaxy surveys: a tool to measure neutrino masses and its hierarchy Poster Download
12  3pm, Mar. 28 A601  Doug Lin (Santa Cruz/KIAA) Recent Advancements in Planetary Astrophysics Poster Download
13  10am, Apr. 5 A601  Norio KAIFU  (NAOJ)

Master Plan of Large Research Projects: New Procedure by the Science Council of Japan 



( SCJ recommendation)


14 3pm, Apr. 11 A601  Xin Liu (Harvard) The Frequency and Demographics of Supermassive Black Hole Pairs and Binaries: from Tens-of-kpc to Sub-pc Scales Poster Download
15  3pm, Apr. 18  A601 Gongbo Zhao (Univ. Portsmouth) Testing General Relativity using the Environmental Dependence of Dark Matter Halos Poster Download 
16 3pm, Apr. 25 A601 Pengjie Zhang (SHAO)  Mapping the dark universe with cosmic magnification  Poster Download
17 3pm, Apr. 26 A601 Gary Sanders (Caltech)   The Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) Project: An International Partnership  Poster Download 
18 3pm, May 2 A601 Jong-Hak Woo (Seoul National University) Cosmic evolution of black holes and galaxies  Poster   
 19 3pm, May 9 A601 Hongbo Hu (IHEP) 宇宙线起源、加速和传播问题的一些新进展 Poster Download
 20 9:30am, May 9 A601 Haimin Wang (Distinguished Professor, Physics, NJIT) Response of the Photospheric magnetic field to flares Poster Download
 21 10am, May 15 A601 Tongjiang Wang (NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center; Catholic University) Growing transverse oscillations of a multistranded loop observed by SDO/AIA Poster Download
 22 3pm, May 16 A601 Evoli Carmelo (SISSA)

Hunting dark matter at galactic and extra-galactic scales 

Poster Download
 23 3pm, May 23 A601 Chuck Keeton (Rutgers)

Shedding light on dark matter with gravitational lensing

[lectures series on gravitational lensing]

Poster Download
 25 2pm, May 24 A135 Robert Brandenberger  (McGill)

What happened before the Big Bang?

Poster Download
 24 2pm, May 25 A601 ROBERT E. JOHNSON (Univ. Virginia) Cassini at Saturn: Radiation Interactions with Icy Satellites and Ring Particles Poster Download
 26 3pm, May 29 A601 S. Ananthakrishnan (Pune University) The Giant Meterwavelength Radio Telescope Array and its observation Poster Download
 27 10:30am, May 30 A601 Edward Kibblewhite (Enrico Fermi Institute) The future of adaptive optics in astronomy Poster  Download
 30 3:00pm, June 5 A601 Reynald Pain (CNRS) Supernova Cosmology Poster  Download 
 28 3pm, June 6 A601 Hai Fu (California) Merger-Induced Black Hole Accretion and Star Formation: Observations vs. Simulations Poster   Download 
 29 10:15am, June 6 A601 Lucas M. Macri (Texas A&M University) SH0ES: absolute calibration of the luminosity of type Ia SNe and cosmological implications Poster   Download 
 31 3:00pm, June 7 A601 Costantino Sigismondi (ICRANet, Rome and Nice Universities) Venus transits: history and opportunities Poster  Download 
 32 3pm, June 13 A601 Andy Gould (OSU) Microlensing Planets: A controlled Scientific Experiment Drawn From Absolute Chaos Poster   Download 
 33 3pm, June 20 A601  S. Ananthakrishnan (Pune University) Solar wind, interplanetary scintillation and solar magnetic fields Poster   Download 
 34 2pm, June 19 A601  Tomasz Bulik (University of Warsaw) Observational estimates of the binary black hole coalescence rate &CTA observatory and the future of high energy gamma ray astronomy Poster   



 35 3pm, June 21 A601  Alexander Szalay (The Johns Hopkins University)  Statistical challenges of Big Data in astrophysics Poster  Download  
 36 3pm, June 25 A601  Michel KOENIG(Laboratoire LULI -CNRS) High Energy Density Physics experiments at LULI Poster   Download  
 37 3pm, June 27 A601  Xin Hao (Arizona) Microwave Related Research and Applications Poster    Download  
 38 3pm, July 4 A601  Xiaohui Fan (Arizona) Early Science from the Large Binocular Telescope: From Exoplanet to Reionzation Poster    Download  
 39 3pm, July 11 A601  Di Li (NAOC) Science Preparation for FAST Poster    Download  
 40 3pm, July 18 A601  Deng Jianrong (NAOC) Have We Discovered the Higgs?  Poster    Download  
 41 3pm, August 15 A601  Roland Diehl (MPE, Garching, Germany) Astrophysics with Gamma-Rays from Cosmic Radioactivities Poster  Download 
 42 10am, August 17 A601  Maria Cruz (Science Magazine) Scientific Publishing from the Inside Out Poster  
 43 3pm, August 17 A601  David Elbaz (CEA Saclay/DAPNIA/SAp ) Searching for the dominant mode of galaxy from deep Herschel surveys Poster  Download 
44  3pm, August 23 A135 Wendy Freedman (Carnegie Observatories) The Giant Magellan Telescope Project Poster   Download 
45  3pm, Sept. 03 A601  Jiaming Li (Tsinghua University) 本征通道-R矩阵的新进展:为相关学科领域提供原子物理参数的一种方案  Poster    Download 
46 10am, Sept. 06 A601 Na Deng (California State University) The impact of flares on sunspot structure and flow Poster   Download 
47 3:30pm, Sept. 05 A453 Tim Robishaw (Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory) Measuring Magnetic Fields Near and Far via the Zeeman Effect Poster Download 
48  3pm, Sept. 10 A601  Joel Primack (UC Santa Cruz) ΛCDM: Large-Scale Triumphs, Small-Scale Challenges, and the Latest Simulations Poster   Download 
49  10am, Sept. 17 A601 Sander Weinreb (CalTech and JPL) Radio Astronomy from Jansky to the Future - An Engineer's Point of View Poster     
50 3pm, Sept. 17 A135  Valery Nakariakov (Warwick) Magnetohydrodynamic Seismology of the Solar Corona Poster    Download 
51  3pm, Sept. 18 A601 Merieme Chadid (NICE) Photometric and Spectroscopic observations from Polar and Space Missions Poster     
52  3pm, Sept. 19 A601  Christian Fidler (Univ. Portsmouth) Second Order CMB Perturbations Poster    Download 
53  3pm, Sept. 26 A135 Jiasheng Huang (CfA & NAOC) Red Galaxies at high redshifts: passive or dusty galaxies? Poster    Download 
       Oct. 3   National Holiday National Holiday     
54  3pm, Oct. 10 A601   Lia Athanassoula (Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de Marseille ) The bar/bulge region of our Galaxy Poster    Download 
55  10am, Oct.11 A601   Hardi Peter (Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research, Germany) Structure and Dynamics of the Solar Corona: Modeling and Observations Poster    Download 
56  3pm, Oct. 16 A601   Helmut Abt (NOAO) The Age of the Local Interstellar Bubble Poster   



57 3pm, Oct. 17 A601   Zuhui Fan (Peking University) Weak Lensing Peak Statistics  Poster    Download 
58  3pm, Oct. 22 A601   Paul Drake (University of Michigan) Studies of Dynamical, Flowing High-Energy-Density Plasmas Poster    Download 
59  3pm, Oct. 24 A601   Martin Smith (SHAO) Finding fossils on our doorstep: How modern surveys are driving our understanding of galaxy evolution Poster    Download 
60  2pm, Oct. 29 A601   Hongsheng Zhao (SUPA, University of St Andrews) Special/General Relativity Effects in Galaxies and Clusters Poster    Download 
61 3pm,  Nov. 06 A601   Dan Werthimer  (University of California) IS ANYBODY OUT THERE? The Search for ET with help from Eight Million Volunteers Poster    Download 
62 3pm,  Nov. 07 A601   Kevin Xu (IPAC, Caltech) Close Major-Merger Pairs Since z=1: Evolution of Merger Rate & sSFR Enhancement  Poster    Download 
63 3pm, Nov. 09 A135 Wang Zuoyue (California State University) Chinese/American Scientists: Making Transnational Science in the US and China Poster    Download 
64  3pm, Nov. 14 A601   Renxin Xu (PKU) The nature of compressed baryonic matter Poster    Download 
65  3pm, Nov. 19 A601   Kirill Kuzanyan (IZMIRAN, Russia, currently Visiting Professor at NAOC) Asymptotic solutions for dynamo waves and polar activity in the solar cycle Poster    Download 
66 3pm, Nov. 21 A601   Richard Strom (NAOC & Univ. Amsterdam) Giant Radio Galaxies and their environment Poster    Download 
67  3pm, Nov. 28 A601  Bing Zhang (University of Nevada) Open Questions in GRB Physics Poster    Download 
68  3pm, Dec. 05 A601   Stephan Ott (Herschel Science Data Processing Development Manager) Developing a data processing system for a world-class observatory: Sharing the Herschel experience  Poster    Download 
69  3pm, Dec. 12 A601   Nicolas Chotard (Tisinghua) Type Ia spectral analysis with The Nearby Supernovae Factory Poster    Download 
70  10am, Dec. 18 A601   Shuo Zhang(Columbia Univerisity) NuSTAR: Bring Galactic Center into Focus Poster    Download 
71  3pm, Dec. 19 A601   Subo Dong  (IAS, Princeton) Exoplanet Population: Census & Demographic Analysis Poster     
73  10am, Dec. 25 A601   Alok C. Gupta (ARIES, INDIA) Multi-wavelength Variability and QPOs in Blazars Poster    Download 
72  3pm, Dec. 26 A601   Xiaowei Liu (KIAA) DSS-GAC -- a Digital Sky Survey of the Galactic Anti-center Poster